Sanctuary Renovations

Renovation of Our Sanctuary in Pictures

  • Caroline pulling carpet staples Oct 15 2018

For the last several years members of Wesley United Church have been dreaming, defining themselves and their values.  Expression of Values

  • Because we value inclusivity, we made our sanctuary accessible to all and added a washroom on the entry level.
  • Because we value an open, non-hierarchical community, we removed the pulpit, replaced the pews with movable chairs allowing for better communal worship and community events, and enhancing the stage of the chancel so that cultural activities are welcome.
  • Because we value the spiritual journey for people of diverse faiths, we painted a labyrinth on the sanctuary floor. This is a tool for silent, walking meditation that is accessible to all, wherever they are on their spiritual journey.
  • Because we value stewardship of the environment, we improved the insulation of the structure and optimized the heating.  We received help from Faithful Footprints.  
  • Because we value our heritage, we preserved and highlighted the stained glass windows, which needed urgent repairs with the help from Sattler’s Stained Glass Studio Ltd.  We kept the original wood floor, and the metal, patterned walls.  Most of the original pews and chairs went to a new home on Ministers Island .

Our Work began in January 2019 – local carpenters, electricians, painters and other tradesmen along with an array of volunteers and was completed by summer 2019.

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