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Living Faith Story

Hello and Welcome!

Wesley United Church is an inclusive, creative, compassionate and spiritual community located in the beautiful St Andrews-by-the-sea and surrounding area.

The Spirit moves among us, inviting us to find new meaning in traditional ways.  We are open to try new and different ways of being and living together.

We are a liberal Christian church that emphasizes inclusivity, social justice and thoughtful reflection.

We need little reason to get together for worship, spiritual gatherings, and action.  We are encouraged in our faith and inspired to share the love of God in our community and the wider world.

Growing our faith as a community grounds us in ways of compassion, justice and peace, helping us see the world through a different lens.

You can connect with us via our Sunday Worship Programs and our Ministries

Our Minister – Rev Jane Doull

Jane began her ministry with Wesley United Church in September 2010 and St James Pastoral Charge in March 2014, when Wesley and St James began a co-operative ministry.  She quickly became an integral part of our beloved communities of faith accepting all, especially those with doubts and questions, supporting us in our spiritual journey and our care for the world.

Jane communicates a reflective, passionate message of social justice, compassion and inclusivity.   She has raised awareness within our community of those in need, our environment and the wider world. Drawing on her various experiences, observing the community, she expresses spiritual insights and concepts in today’s language.

Jane is always happy to engage in conversation whether at the coffee shop, in person or electronically.  Contact

Wesley United Church Board

Francie Howard – Chair
Barb King – Secretary
Barb Sheen – Church Treasurer
Peggy Hogarth
Sandra Garrish
Lance Howard Carolyn Prince Margaret Ramsay – Trustee Rep
Janice Fairney – Regional Council Rep

Board of Trustees

Gary Groom – co-chair
Margaret Ramsay – co-chair
Lee Sochasky
Barb Sheen
John Best
John Tanner