A pastoral note from Jane

Sunday 29th March 2020 6:30pm

As I shared in today’s worship , we have been asked to keep our church buildings closed and abide by physical distancing until at least the end of April .  This means no in- person gatherings , no in- person home , hospital or care facility visiting , no weddings , no funeral .

This is not unexpected .   When we agreed to suspend physical gathering for worship and cancel other in person events , we knew we did not know when we could resume our normal practices .  All we knew was : we would give thanks when that day came .

Indeed if we follow the trajectory observed in China where the pandemic began , we may very well continue the current status quo well beyond the end of April.  We will follow directives from church and government leadership . We understand : loving your neighbour means helping to keep them safe !

As our ministry candidate Emma Seamone reflects in her Sunday message ( add link ) , we may  all be grieving something and that’s OK.  Some may grieve the loss of customary family Easter gatherings . I’m grieving the loss of our customary ways of gathering for Holy Week , especially Easter Sunday , complete with the beautiful anthems and congregational singing we so love . And this is my last Holy Week before I retire.

Yes, we grieve these losses and more .  But we are a strong , resilient people . And we are still the United Church in St Andrews and the hills and ridges. And the Spirit still works with us and through us .

We will share Holy Week , just differently, perhaps more memorably than ever Stay tuned !

We continue to work at providing physically distant gathering opportunities , this Friday at 10through Zoom , some Sundays ( I hope ) , some group prayer times , our study group , Board meetings and more .  It does one’s heart good to hear each other’s voices and see each other’s faces .  Stay tuned !

Visit our church website ( link ) for frequent updates .  It’s our public face for now. Plus you are welcome to join my mailing list for a prayer / spiritual resource a day . Visit our church FB page too !

I can also arrange virtual coffee with you – we stay home but meet via Zoom . Just ask me!

I know this is a long haul for all of us , emotionally , mentally, spiritually, and financially. Let us continue to be a strong and loving community , reaching out as we can to each other and beyond . 

Please continue to be in touch , letting me know how you are doing and if I/we can be of any help.

Blessings, peace and love to all !

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