“Being church in pandemic season” ” by Jane Doull, March 15, 2020

Wandering/Wondering in Spiritual Landscape

As I stand before you today, I have real questions about whether I will be standing here next week.

Especially the last 12 hours I have wondered if I should even be standing here today. But here we are..

It’s been a roller-coaster this week, just keeping track of developments with COV, with the latest federal or provincial government directives, interviews with public health and epidemiology specialists, mailings from the United Church, updates from other churches, trying to sort out what to do about next week’s Lenten lunch, which Wesley was to serve, and it was clear we should not be having one.

I scrapped my sermon series, because this took over. And how could it not? It’s a story that affects all our lives, Especially those who are part of the vulnerable, 60 plus demographic, or have people in our lives who are vulnerable,. It’s raising questions for how…

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