Opening and Closing Words at a Climate Crisis Conversation Evening, by Jane Doull

Wandering/Wondering in Spiritual Landscape


Opening Words

We gather as those who love this planet-

Especially the earth, the water, the sky , the habitats we call home-

but we know- it’s all our home.

We have heard the alarm.

Our house is on fire.

The polar icecap is melting.

Some glaciers are already gone.

The sea levels are rising.

The storms become fiercer and more frequent.

While some lands are hotter and drier and the droughts are more devastating.

Marine life is under stress,

As is all life.

The farmers know it.

The fishing people know it.

The poor of the world know it, all too well- they get the worst of it,

The creatures of land and sea know it, to their peril.

The scientists know it and have been telling us for decades.

This knowledge weighs on the hearts and minds of our young people-

And they ask:

Have you not…

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