Reflection by Jane Doull,” A fresh look at a familiar story” July 14, 2019

Wandering/Wondering in Spiritual Landscape

[]Readings – .Amos 7:7-15 ; Luke 10:25-37]

We think we know today’s gospel story. But do we?

I’ve been reading a Jewish commentary on Luke- by Amy Jill Levine- part of a whole New Testament commentary written entirely by Jewish scholars. Jewish people don’t grow up with this story the way we do. And they often know the First Testament, their Bible , much better than we do. So they may notice things we’ve missed.

So – I’ll start today’s reflection in light of my dialogue with this Jewish commentary.

That lawyer- well, he’s not what we may think- he’s a learned scholar of the Torah , the Jewish law. He’s a pedantic fellow, as some scholars are. He wants to get the better of Jesus- testing him with a trick question: What must I do to inherit eternal life?

Jesus doesn’t bite. Instead he throws the scholar…

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