Jane Doull’s Reflection : journeying and receiving, guests and hosts. July 7, 2019

Wandering/Wondering in Spiritual Landscape

Today’s sacred texts : Luke 10:1-11, 17-20: “The Messenger” by Mary Oliver,https://www.poeticous.com/mary-oliver/messenger and as it turns out, Rumi’s “The Guest House”

Imagine 2 out of those 70 travellers, showing up on your doorstep. Barefoot, dusty, carrying nothing, looking as if they didn’t have a shekel to their name.

Remember, back then, your house was probably have been very small and humble. No guest room. Everyone doubling up if house guests came , some sleeping on the floor in whatever corner you could find. Your pair might have been male or female or one of each- or, who knows? You wouldn’t have a fridge or freezer with extra soups or casseroles for last-minute meals. You’d be cooking from scratch and you’d be stretching out a pretty modest food supply, and making sure the guests got the best of it. You likely had to haul water from the town well…

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