Cooperator, July 4th, 2019

Good afternoon all on a beautiful day,

Last Sunday I was thrilled to see 7 visitors at Wesley, plus at least one newcomer to town, and one summer camper.  The summer often brings wonderful people in the door- several who used to live in St Andrews and were back for a visit, and a couple from Deer Island celebrating their anniversary, and two of our friends from St Stephen.  We always love to see new faces, whether passing through or trying us out or even planning to connect longer-term.  Both at Wesley and at our St James venue, our doors and our hearts are open to you. 

I also noted that many of our regular very hardworking and dedicated folks were off enjoying other summer pursuits- such is the summer in coastal communities like St Andrews, where family and friends arrive, especially on that July 1 weekend. 

In case you can’t make it to church- or you aren’t a Sunday morning person but might still want some reading matter – I’ve got an opportunity for you, if you’re interested.  

I’ve just set up a blog where I’ll put some of my Sunday reflections- and maybe other reflections too.  You can subscribe if you wish. I’ll be sharing some to our church FB page which means they will show up on our website. 

It was a while ago but I’m starting with my Palm Sunday, April 14, Reflection, given when we had our soft re-opening of the Wesley sanctuary.  I think it tells a story that might speak to those who weren’t there as well as those who were.   

Happy reading, whether of blogs or of novels [my summer treat!] or both or more!

blessings to each and every one,


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