Jane’s Reflection: Extraordinary Love-, May 12, 2019

Wandering/Wondering in Spiritual Landscape

I offered this reflection on Mother’s Day/Christian Family Sunday at Wesley [St Andrews] and St James. Of late, I’ve usually been away that weekend visiting my mother , but because of family emergencies this year involving other senior relatives, I had, this year, my last chance to reflect on this particular Sunday. I often hope my Sunday reflections will invite people to take another look at biblical and other texts: this week’s were Psalm 23; Acts 9:36-43 and 1 John 3:16-24.

What jumps out in today’s story from Acts, about Dorcas aka Tabitha?  

So often in our Bible the women are behind the scenes, we have to ask ourselves – who made all those meals?  Who did the dishes?  Who looked after all the children?    

But here we see a woman surrounded by her friends, a woman remembered by all the sewing or knitting she did, as…

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