Walking into the future

Jane’s Reflections

Wandering/Wondering in Spiritual Landscape

Reflection by Jane Doull, , April 14, 2019 Introduction- Our 152-year old church sanctuary in St Andrews, NB had been closed for major renovations all winter – including removal of carpet and pews, rebuilding stage to make it multi-purpose, creation of accessible washroom and galley, repairing stained glass windows, painting everything , building a floor labyrinth and more. We had our “soft re-opening” Palm Sunday 2019.

What does our procession back into this sanctuary have to do with Palm Sunday?

More than you might think!

It’s about sacred space- sacred space reimagined.

That long ago Passover week, Jewish pilgrims were walking or riding to the sacred space of the Jerusalem temple- But that sacred space was imprisoned , occupied, by the force of the Roman Empire-

And so that week there would also be processions for Roman governors and Roman military- Just to remind everyone who was in charge.


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